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Norah Borges' cover design for Silvina Ocampo, Las invitadas This review of Silvina's Viaje olvidado gives Silvina a ticking-off for her. This content downloaded from on Sun, 14 Jul UTC In Viaje olvidado Ocampo discovers a theme which will occupy her. Readers familiar with Silvina Ocampo's stories will immediately think of so many examples of . Forgotten Journey [Viaje olvidado, ]. Here several stories.

Edited with introduction, appendix, notes and glossary by Henry W. Meikle, Vol. Harris, B. Language Monthly Hatim, B. Discourse and the Translator. Holmes, J. Papers on Literary Translation and Translation Studies.

Amsterdam: Rodopi, Translating Poetry. Seven Strategies and a Blueprint. Lochhead, L. Bagpipe Muzak. MacDiarmid, H. Selected Poems, ed. Newmark, P. A Textbook of Translation. Prentice Hall: Hemel Hempstead. Schleiermacher, F. Taft, R. Bochner, ed. The Mediating Person. Bridges Between Cultures. Cambridge: Shenkman, Vinay, J. Methode de traduction. Paris: Didier.

Fiona J. I shall begin by briefly putting this substantial translation project of Ocampo into context. This, however, appears not to be the case in her versions of Dickinson, which are described in somewhat ambiguous terms by Jorge Luis Borges in his prologue.

Casi siempre, en este volumen, tenemos las palabras originales en el mismo orden. No es cotidiano el hecho de un poeta traducido por otro poeta. A faithful translation, for Borges, retains the meanings and effects of the work, whereas an unfaithful translation changes them. A literal translation that changes the emphasis of the work is therefore unfaithful. What is at stake here is what exactly constitutes this soul. Me, alter! In terms of omitting capital letters which Ocampo does almost universally , various vital effects of heightened allegorical, portentous or religious tone are lost.

Again, this is an aspect in which Ocampo Fiona J.

Certain apparent careless mistranslations may in fact fit into the overall pattern of this deforming tendency as being dictated by a differing world view. Similarly, questions of gender and personal relationships, so complex and multilayered in Dickinson as explored by H. Jordan Landry and Sylvia Henneberg18 are often blurred or altered by Ocampo in a way which is characteristic of the deliberate gender ambiguity of much of her own poetry and prose.

In Dickinson, there are many key words which recur in a variety of different poems, and which therefore make intertextual links between the poems. Poem 46 EDJ, 26; Poemas, centres around the pledging of an oath by the poet, but rather than swearing on the Bible, the poet pledges by insects and flowers recalling Poem 18 discussed earlier.

In terms of altering the philosophical, religious or emotional charge behind certain of the poems, it is worth considering again Poem 18 EDJ, 14; Poemas, The second phrase therefore serves to cast doubt on the first, rather than binding the poet and congregation to the recently dead person in a spirit of trust. She wanted to be obliging. The result of all this was Autobiografia de Irene [the autobiography of Irene] in , which some people consider her most artificial and least daring work.

From that time on in her narrative work, parallel to the poetry which she cultivated almost as a separate activity, she always aimed at finding an original and irreverent expression, developing qualities which she had had within her from the outset and paying no attention to any classification. Like Victoria, Silvina disarticulated discourses on male power and challenged prejudices concerning the female gender. Her shyness prevented her from showing herself in public too frequently, she avoided gatherings, she almost never granted interviews and would not let people take photographs of her.

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Books by Silvina Ocampo

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